• What is epoxy?

​          Epoxy is a coating that is made up of two main components - resins and hardeners. Once combined they result in a                   rigid material that is strong, durable, moisture resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. 

  • How long does a typical project take to complete?

​          The average time to complete a project is 2-4 days depending on several variables. Variables include, but are not                     limited to: square footage, substrate condition, and type of product used. 

  • How is your epoxy service different from others?

​          We pride ourselves on our customer service. We put the customer first and work with you to help make your dream                   floor come to life. We use top of the line products witht the strongest, most durable 100% solid epoxy. Many other

            companies use water based epoxy which does not provide the same durability as 100% solid epoxy. We believe in                   do it once, do it right!

  • How do you prepare the floor for installation?

​          This is the most important step of the installation process. Surface preparation consists of removal of all existing                       flooring finishes, performing any needed repairs to the substrate such as filling cracks and patching, and dustless                     diamond grinding. Diamond grinding cleans the top surface and opens the pores of the concrete to ensure proper                     adhesion. This process is considered to be an industry wide best practice for obtaining a consistent surface profile                     and excellent adhesion. 

  • How to clean and maintain your new floor?

​          -For minor spills, simply wipe up with a paper towel or soft cloth.

            -Rountine maintenance consists of sweeping with a hard bristle broom or a dust mop.

            -Heavy cleaning starts with sweeping or vacuuming any debris. A mop and hot bucket of water 

            *We advise to use caution with any chemical cleaner. Damage can occur and shine can be lost.